Are you planning your wedding?

Posted on 19/11/2014

Preparations for the next Wedding Fashion have intensified since time the most elegant wedding fair in Thessaloniki is approaching.

The success of the first Wedding Fashion, the quality and style that characterized it, but mainly its effectiveness for both exhibitors and for the couples, is raising the bar for all of us.

The desire of the leading wedding professionals of our city to participate and the impatience of couples to be married in 2015 to visit the exhibition gives us great pleasure.

Soon we will be able to announce some surprising news about the layout and decoration of the exhibition, since the aim of Wedding Fashion is to extend its limits.

Preparing to plan your wedding? The Wedding Fashion preparing feverishly for you!

Τηλεοπτικό Spot 3ης Wedding Fashion

Video Clip 2ης Wedding Fashion

Video Clip 2014

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