Wedding Fashion Thessaloniki comes this December

Posted on 30/09/2015

The boutique wedding fair that created a sense of quality and style, winning the best reviews of the intending spouses and professionals, is becoming the first fair in time for the new season, on 12-14 December 2015.

Calculating the large number of couples who want to begin to organize their marriage as early as possible and couples planning to get married in the winter, we decided to organize the Wedding Fashion Thessaloniki in a more attractive date.

Naturally preserved and strengthened all those features that make Wedding Fashion the most attractive exhibition for couples with style and view:

• The most appropriate place, at Warehouse C of the Port, with easy access to the city center.
• With the participation of leading enterprises selected with quality criteria.
• With a limited number of exhibitors from each occupational group, so that each couple can spend time in communicating.
• With several parallel events and actions, designed by the creative team Dream Workers.
• With many surprises and gifts for the couples who will visit the exhibition.

Visit the first exhibition of the season and see first the proposals of marriage leading professionals for 2016.

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