Wedding Fashion Thessaloniki 2015

Posted on 11/06/2014

The boutique wedding exhibition for couples with attitude!

After the great success of the first Wedding Fashion, we started preparing the second one, which will be held from 7 to 9 February 2015, in the most beautiful area of Thessaloniki, Warehouse C, Thessaloniki Harbour.

The 1st Wedding Fashion Thessaloniki 2014 have visited:

                1865 couples to be married

                145 wedding specialists

and 37 professionals participated.

What has impressed the most: the scenographic decorations of Warehouse C (by Giannis Karnitsas and Christina Mavropedi) with "floating brides 'and' grooms seated in bars", the exceptional acrobatics, the small concerts, the qualitative composition of exhibitors and the gifts that were given to the couples throughout the exhibition.

This year the surprises will be more. The biggest one will be the way the wedding gowns will be shown. The presentation will be done in a unique way, equal to the finesse and class of the exhibition itself. We have organized an even bigger promotional plan with TV spots on major TV channels, radio and web promotion, brochures, etc.

See the full promotional program at the exhibition website:

Remember that:

-          All stands are Deluxe.

-          You participate in a high class and elegant venue, in the center of town.

-          With just 40 exhibitors selected by quantitative and qualitative criteria, we can guarantee your success.

-          The date of the event is ideal, as it turned out at the first Wedding Fashion. The couples to be married, having possibly visited other exhibitions first, visited Wedding Fashion Thessaloniki for their final decisions and choices.

The organization of the exhibition is signed again by the team of

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